DRP Belle Haven

1401 Belle Haven Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22307

703 - 765 - 5300

Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am - 3pm

Monday – Friday: 11:30am - 5pm        
Saturday & Sunday: 3pm - 5pm

Monday - Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 11pm
Sunday: 5pm – 9pm




Our Garden

Located on-site, our 1000 square foot garden provides over 60% of our salad mixes, contributes to most of our specials that we run, and provides our staff the affinity for weeding and love for our insect friends.  Our garden provides a great back drop to our patio and provides a lovely atmosphere for any outdoor private dining.  Please contact our restaurant and ask for our events manager for further details.

Have a party coming up?  

Our catering team can help with as much or as little as you need.

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Taco Tuesdays

You heard right! DRP Belle Haven is featuring a specific brewery and delicious tacos EVERY Tuesday! Each week, we will roll out a new brewery for your (and, frankly, our) pleasure! Accompanying this brewery will be handmade, fantastic tacos, each of which will be delicately crafted, delivered with lightning speed, devoured upon arrival, and delicious to taste!

If Maryland does crab cakes and football, then DRP Belle Haven does Tacos and Beer! (... on Tuesdays)

Join Us For Taco & Taps Tuesday for Atlas Brewing Company!

Weathers a bit nippy, dark clouds in the air, sometimes you just want to get away dont you?

At last!!!! We're here to introduce to you Atlas Brewing Company coming out of our very own Washington D.C. Going green is not something that can be easily done and for that you need time and the right attitude, thats why this brewery strives to be the best. By using solar panels to power the brewery itself, Atlas has far exceeded what most try to achieve. Thus giving us 100% locally crafted solar powered beer! The thing that stands out as well is that Atlas Brewery only cans their beers, also giving back to the community by being able to recyle too. They have 20 barrels batches that help with the production of beer, and helps maintain demand. Now are you ready to come on over and drink beer that took the suns energy to make!! 

As for the brewskis themselves, check out these TAPS!

1500 South Cap Lager, light malt notes that’re dim, with hints of fresh cut grass and light hop bitterness,

Batch 500, small bret flavors swarm around sweet notes with a well-balanced floral character ,

Dance of Days, falvors that warp around grapefruit, mango and grass with the sensation of a slight sweetness,

& Silent Neighbor, a subtle fruit presense with the flavor profile of that of a choclate bar and a batch of fruit.

As for the TACOS, check our Facebook Page Monday afternoon to see what we've got whipped up for you!

We'll see you Tuesday, the 11th!!!

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