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Saturday & Sunday: 3pm - 5pm

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Our Garden

Located on-site, our 1000 square foot garden provides over 60% of our salad mixes, contributes to most of our specials that we run, and provides our staff the affinity for weeding and love for our insect friends.  Our garden provides a great back drop to our patio and provides a lovely atmosphere for any outdoor private dining.  Please contact our restaurant and ask for our events manager for further details.



So, back by popular demand, we're rolling out yet another awesome beer dinner for you lovely folks!

On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, we will play host to the awesome Peak Organic Brewing from Portland, Maine. Seeing as Peak prides itself on having entirely organically brewed beer with entirely organic products, it would be silly of us to not follow suit! As such, we've taken 5 of their beers and paired them with an amazing, organic, and delicious menu that is sure to blow you away! 

Despite such a stellar lineup in place, with an incredible menu of food to peek at, we're selling these tickets for only $50/person! That will get you 5 beers, a course of food paired with each beer, a welcome beer, and a welcome snack, with everything being fresh, organic, and local whenever possible! Additionally, with any dietary restrictions or preferences, we'd be happy to do our very best to make sure you enjoy your time just as much as anyone else! 

So, just to recap; A welcome beer to set the mood and remind you that you're so close to the weekend, a snack to cure the grumpies, 5 delicious beers to wet the appetite, 5 incredible paired dishes to soothe the soul, and one unforgettable experience that you can only find at one place- DRP BELLE HAVEN!

Come on in today to inquire about/purchase tickets, and we hope to see you soon!


Taco Tuesdays

You heard right! DRP Belle Haven is featuring a specific brewery and delicious tacos EVERY Tuesday! Each week, we will roll out a new brewery for your (and, frankly, our) pleasure! Accompanying this brewery will be handmade, fantastic tacos, each of which will be delicately crafted, delivered with lightning speed, devoured upon arrival, and delicious to taste!

If Maryland does crab cakes and football, then DRP Belle Haven does Tacos and Beer! (... on Tuesdays)

Join Us For Taco & Taps Tuesday With Triple Crossing Brewing Co.!

Whereas California was once seen as the undisputed champion of craft beer, places like Northern VA have sprouted up to combat that claim, and it is largely with the help of a continually growing beer scene down in Richmond, VA. In fact, just a few years ago, a craze that has slowly shaped the current landscape of the craft beer world took hold in Richmond, with Triple Crossing at the forefront.

These days, Triple Crossing Brewing still makes an incredible product of hazy-style, juicy bomb IPAs that are absolutely FANTASTIC. They also possess a gift when it comes to making incredible sour ales, as well as the occasional dark brew for the colder times of the year. Co-founded by 3 young gents, Triple Crossing has seen it's product slowly expand outward into the further reaches of Virginia, even occasionally popping into DC from time-to-time. With an incredibly sought after product, and limited space to create, their brews are tough to get your hands on, so enjoy them on tap while we've got them!

Check out these TAPS!

Paranoid Aledroid, a pale wheat ale that is as refreshing as they come,

Clever Girl, a juice bomb of tropical fruit,

Falcon Smash, their centerpiece and sweet, yet hazy, IPA,

and Ascension, a deceptive 8% brew meant for New England IPA lovers!

Now, on to the TACOS!  We'll have a Fried Plaintain Taco with dragonfruit salsa, a Smoked Brisket Taco with a sweet cranberry sauce, and finally a Fried Oyster Taco with a delicious saffron sauce drizzled on top!.

We'll see you Tuesday, the 26th!

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